Wye Valley Shoot

Wye Valley Shoot 

On Saturday I participated in a last minute shoot with a fab bunch of people - none of whom I had worked with before.

There was very little in the way of planning, unlike my usual shoots , but it turned out very well and was a lot of fun and luckily the sun shone. We even got to finish the day at the lovely local pub!

The location was quite simply stunning - an old ruin of a church overlooking Tintern Abbey and the beautiful countryside beyond.

I used a red lace dress and a purple coat from my Juliet collection together with a gorgeous vintage silk YSL gown from my online shop . The icing on the cake were the two fabulous head pieces - designed and made by the incredibly talented Ellie Ellis-Morgan . 

Our team - photographer Jason Nelson, model Claire Edwards and MUA and Hair Stylist Bridget Esmonde.

Shipwrecked Shoot

My very first proper shoot of the year entitled “shipwrecked” took place on a beautiful sunny evening during August. 

Apart from photographer Mark O’Grady who I have worked with on many occasions , the rest of the team were relatively new to me . Layla Leigh Browne - our model, Christelle Pellecuer - our MUA and Beveryl Hemmngs - our hair stylist . 

A truly wonderful and passionate team of people to work with and all in all a very successful shoot. 

For this I made a full gathered long length skirt in a heavy cotton jacquard fabric and a necklace of natural coloured cotton string decorated with pearl beads and gold thread. The intension was to create arty but fantasy style cinematic images and I really think that Mark pulled this off beautifully. 

Handfasting client

Well it’s about time I got my act together and started my blog.

A couple of years back I literally became obsessed with blogging but so much has happened in my life that I havnt really had the time or inclination to start again .

First I wanted to say how very much I enjoyed working with a lovely lady called Sharyn - she was planning a fantasy forest style handfasting to be located in a forest in Scotland and with a Scandinavian edge. 

It was so lovely to work with someone with such an open mind but also someone who just fitted with my style of clothing perfectly .

These are the images of her very special day .

Green taffeta uneven hemmed gown with covered buttons down the back with a pale gold coloured net petticoat and a faux fur asymmetrical wrap lined in the same taffeta. 

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